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Fresh Farms Inc is a vertical hydroponic farm which has been designed and built within a freight container.

State-of-the-art controlled environment system that gives us complete control of the elements that makes it possible to grow produce 365 days a year.

What does this mean to our customers?

First and foremost, fresh produce 365 days a year!

*By the time produce is purchased from the store and put on your plate, it can be up to 21 days old

Consistent pricing.

*Given that our crops are not exposed to the elements, there are no highs and lows due to the weather and poor crops

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  • Brandi Lasure - Managing Director

    Becoming more aware of the impact we have on climate change, I made a decision to move towards a zero waste lifestyle. On this journey, I discovered this amazing opportunity to become a sustainable farmer. From fires to floods to droughts, and over population - food scarcity is a real threat. By investing in the wave of the future, this is empowering me to have some control on the health of our planet.

  • Jake Lasure - Chief Farmer

    Providing my family and the community with nutritious, high quality produce is a core value for me. I am extremely excited to bring this new business to the City of Cold Lake. As the Chief Farmer, I will ensure quality remains consistent with every harvest. From my freight to your plate.

  • Michelle Podoleski - Sales and Marketing

    I am passionate about new business ventures and advancements in technology, while having a positive impact on the wellbeing of my family and community. As an advocate of local businesses, it is my desire to build strong and lasting relationship with like minded businesses.